January 17, 2011

Draping in Manhattan

Some draping I noticed while I was wondering around the Garment District in NYC.  Even though I have been to NYC a few times before, this was the first time since I started sewing.  Initially, I could not find the "garment district" without any specific addresses because the descriptions online and in books are very broad.  Many of the shops are along the smaller streets that run horizontal in the city. I still don't think I found many of the stores, but I did find Mood (located on the 3rd floor of 225 West 37th; easily missed since it does not have a sign at ground level!) and bought some beautiful 100% silk burnout fabric at a store call Fabric House on West 39th Street (between 7th and 8th Ave).

Mood Fabrics
The white dress really was amazing.  I'm sure someone spent hours on the pleat work!
Usually they will do this with a single piece of fabric (not in these cases though).
You can click on the following photos to view them larger.

Window displays from a random fabric store.
I really loved the ruffle-y top in the first picture.  The skirt was beautifully draped too!

I dazingly was staring at the window displays when the owner (who was behind me, smoking a cigarette) asked me if I wanted to go inside and take a photo.  I didn't, even though now I wish I did because the glare from the window hides the amazing drape work done on the mannequins!


Lindsay T said...

Check out my web site before you visit the garment district again. I think you'll find it very helpful: http://www.shopthegarmentdistrict.com/

September Daze said...

Thank you for the link, Lindsay! I will definitely have to check it out before I visit the garment district again. With no specific project in mind, this time I was just sight seeing ;)