June 14, 2010

Nursing cover

My sister just had a baby! I am so excited to be an aunt!  I keep thinking of all these things I can make for my new nephew (except, really, it is much cheaper to just buy the clothes nowadays... but that won't stop me :P)  The one thing my sister did ask me was if I could make her a nursing cover, which I had to google since I didn't know what a nursing cover looked like!  She mentioned the one she wanted to buy had an opening which you can peek down to see the baby.

After looking through some pictures, I realized the cover was only a rectangle with a neck strap. And most didn't include a lining.  Even better, I saw a lady who had posted a tutorial on how to make one (the internet is great).  Since I didn't know how wide or long it should be, I decided to try out the tutorial... besides I didn't want to make my sister a trial one, nor did I want her to have an accident while using it in public!

The nursing cover is very, very easy to make.  I think it only took me an hour from cutting the fabric out to sewing it up.  I added the terry cloth pocket in the corner, which doubles as a wipe or pacifier holder, and also added a clip like you see here for an easy on/off.  Boning is used to keep the top opening away from the body.  I decided to not line the cover I made for my sister since I wanted to keep it lightweight and airy for the summertime.

In total, I think this cost me only about $10 to make... the fabric being the most expensive item. (The fabric I chose was $8.99/yd at Beverly's, so if you can get your hands on super cheap fabric, this would be a steal!)

Please excuse the pj bottoms :)

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