July 12, 2011

A Royal Wardrobe

I usually don't follow "celebrity" styles, but ever since Prince William and Kate (Catherine) Middleton came to visit LA it seems like everyone has been talking about what she's been wearing!  I think every girl would love to have her royal budget.  While I think she tends to dress a bit old for her age, she always seems to stay classy and sophisticated (albeit a bit simple).   It would be great to see her wear something more fashion forward... especially since it seems like she's continuing to wear pieces from Alexander McQueen.  And no one knows drama like McQueen!
 All images found through google search :)

Love this white McQueen coat.  Ever since I took a tailoring class,  I have grown to love and appreciate a good tailored garment, especially coats... which makes me sad that it's never cold enough in Southern California to wear one :/

I love that she added some color in her wardrobe.  Her usual dark colors  and creams age her, in my opinion!  Yellow is one of my favorite colors to wear during the Spring and Summer months.  So bright and sunny :)  This dress is so cute!

This gray dress I love mainly because of its retro tailored look and the plunge collared back (minus the odd ripples at the waist).  The back neckline is something I would love to include in a future design!

And as someone who LOVES print, this hand-painted silk dress is perfect for a summer day in California :)

With her royal budget, it will be great to see how her style evolves.  She's comes a long way since becoming a duchess!

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