March 1, 2011

Hello March!

The above photo is my inspiration dress.  Sweetheart, A-line with a slight mermaid shape, fitted with a natural waistline, and lace detailing.  This is the type of dress I seem to be drawn towards right now.  No ballgowns, no yards and yards of fabric, no pick ups galore.  Maybe some draping at the bust if I decide to go with a satin or chiffon. I am excited to try and make a muslim draft of something like this (which should be fairly easy to do!).  I am planning on a silk satin or silk charmeuse for the lining.  I just hope I can find the "right" lace fabric in LA somewhere.

Ignoring the top, I like the shirt part of this dress with the ombre chiffon fabric and the curly hem. I would drop the waistline and make it not so poufy!


vivatveritas said...

that first dress is gorgeous...i wish i can make something like that.
im actually making my very first wedding dress for my friend's wedding in september! im pretty nervous about it because this will be my first attempt to make something so big. im thrilled for the opportunity though!

September Daze said...

I wish you luck with sewing your friend's wedding dress! What an honor. What you make will be beautiful :)