August 16, 2010

Texture Dress

I found this fabric in the remnants bin of Joann's one day. I was waiting in line to get my fabrics cut and it just caught my eye... this is how I usually pick my prints. I love prints that jump out at me from afar. Then I know it will have the same effect when worn.

Originally I had planned to use this fabric for pillow covers, but I thought maybe the texture would be interesting for a dress (even though the whole time I was sewing the dress, I kept thinking maybe I should have used it for pillows, lol.) Initially I wasn't sure on the print, but I think it grew on me.

Ever since I made a dress from a pattern out of Burda last year, I've been a fan when I don't have time (or too lazy :P) to construct my own pattern. I find the sizing is more accurate than other pattern companies (though I've tried only a couple from Vogue and Simplicity). I like how Burda simply gives you the basic instructions, so it still takes some thinking on the sewer's part. Since I only started sewing in early 2008, I am still very much learning how to properly construct a garment. I find commercial patterns are helpful in that area. Initially, I bought the magazine because I thought it would be nice to have some backup patterns (and a deal at $6+ an issue versus buying individual patterns). But I also found it was helpful just to look at the pattern pieces for each garment in order to visualize how a certain garment is constructed. You may not have the actual pattern piece, but if you know how it looks like in general, it is much easier to create your own pattern. They also have cute patterns for children and craft stuff.


The wind transforms the dress into a romper, lol

I used the cover dress from the March 2010 issue of Burda (you can see it here and here).  In the end, I think I like the print for the dress. I love how prints can take a classic design and make it refreshing. When worn, it turns the garment into a walking piece of art.  I’ve definitely gotten more courageous with wearing prints ever since I’ve started sewing.  Fittingly, I wore this dress to the Festival of Arts/Pageant of the Masters.  The Pageant is Laguna’s annual production of “living pictures.” It is where famous paintings (and sculptures, etc) are reproduced on stage with real people. The makeup and costumes alone are amazing. This is my fourth year in a row, I highly recommend it!

You can see more photos of the dress on Burdastyle!

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magdamagda said...

I saw your dress on burdastyle and now I'm glad I found your blog! great dress, simply charming and perfect!