May 6, 2010

Textile Design

Last month, I transformed a white t-shirt using some techniques I learned in my Textile Design class.  The class was interesting, but I wished it was longer... it only was for four weeks!  But I did get to try my hands on tie-dying (it's making a comeback), silk screening, and sublimination.  You might have seen a lot of sublimination tops these past couple of years.  They look like this, where an image printed on the fabric is broken up with folds, creating these white lines.  If you have a subliminated top, it is most likely made out of polyester.

Since I picked a 100% cotton tee, I decided to dye it "Bahama Blue" and silk screen an image I exacto-knifed out of contact paper.  Here's the end result:

Amazing how this started out as a regular plain white t-shirt!

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